Rowyn Sage

Rowyn Sage sharing her flow and her flow journey with us. Rowyn is one of our favorite people, a dynamic flow artist, and Afro Hippie Hoops sponsored hooper ❤ <3!! Flow Artist: Rowyn Sage Location: Philadelphia, PA Facebook: Rowyn Sage IG: @rowynsage “So hooping definitely saved my life… After a life-threatening car accident in 2012 I sustained serious … More Rowyn Sage

Brialle Ringer

Flow Artist: Brialle Ringer Location: Ypsilanti, Michigan IG: @blackfairymagic Facebook: Brialle Damonica – Hoop Dance Performer Email:   I have been hula hooping consistently for a little over a year. Picking up hooping has allowed me to reconnect with dance, a passion of mine when I was younger but something I had stopped practicing. … More Brialle Ringer

Maya Angelique

Miss Maya Angelique spinning that hot fire for us!! Flow Artist:  Maya Angelique Location: Gulfport, MS Facebook: Goddess Maya IG: @greenconstant “Allo my name is Maya Angelique and I am from Jonesboro, AR and just settled on the gulf coast of Mississippi, Gulfport, to be exact. I wish I could say my exact years of hooping, but I … More Maya Angelique

Felicia Tatum Heyn

This woman is one of my personal inspirations in the hoop and fitness world, Felicia is not only a talented hooper, she is a freaking bad ass fitness bikini champion to boot!  She was kind enough to share this amazing short video with us about her perspective on hooping, and did a full length interview … More Felicia Tatum Heyn

Hulapea Guadalajara Cafe com pao with Moisés Olmedo

Group hoop choreography that improves coordination and displacement for the kids! Flow Artist: Huladalajara Location: Guadalajara, Mexico Facebook Page: Huladalajara   “ESTA ES UNA COREOGRAFIA EL PRINCIPAL OBJTIVO ES ADQUIRIR MAYOR COODINACION, MEJORARDO ASPECTOS EN EL AREA DE MOVIEMIENTOS DE DISOCIACION… El grupo Hulapea Guadalajara le llama BAHULAR a bailar con el hula ula, los invitamos a mover … More Hulapea Guadalajara Cafe com pao with Moisés Olmedo

Michalla Moss

She is one of our favorites in the game, and someone who is always inspiring to watch! Flow Artist: Michalla Moss Location: Madison, Wisconsin IG: @gemstoned94 Written By: Christel Lautel “One day my life will be consumed by hula hoops and circus/contortion…what a day that will be✨💗✨” Interview 1. Where are you from? Born and raised … More Michalla Moss